Oscar picks….

It's been a while, but this is kind of a tradition for me... so here are my tips for this years Academy Awards: Best Picture: This is a tough one. The big guns are clearly The King's Speech and Social Network... But my money's on the King's Speech - as good as Social Network was,... Continue Reading →

Red Dead Perfection.

  Okay, so I don't do this very often... but sometimes I get moved. And boy, have I been moved. This is a video games review. Yes, I know I often review films on here, but I've tried to stay away form video games for several reasons - not least of which is the fact... Continue Reading →

Things to Come…

(Disclaimer: I generally try to avoid doing my venting here. When things wind me up in Korea, it is usually my facebook status that bears the brunt of my anger. However, after seeing several things on the interwebs, I feel obliged to share the 'dark side' of expat living with my friends back home. If... Continue Reading →

Pre-Wedding Goals

As any regular reader of this blog now knows, I recently got engaged to my beautiful girlfriend... ...of course, with any grand decision like this, there come some problems... things that need to be addressed... things that just can't be avoided any longer. There's nothing like an impending wedding to be a great fire lit... Continue Reading →

Lessons learnt, but never taught…

So, after a particularly awkward and (seemingly only for me) embarrassing attempt at a conversation with one of my students, I started thinking about things that you learn in life... things that aren't ever explicitly told to you, but you know they are wrong (or right) anyway... For example, allow me to expand on the... Continue Reading →

The search for Spidey…

Regular readers (all three of you) will remember this post about the planned re-boot of the Spiderman franchise. As anyone who knows me will testify, Ol' webhead is one of my perennial favourites of the comic book genre (but not THE fave... that honour goes to the man without fear) and I took the news of Sony re-booting... Continue Reading →

“Overkill is under-rated.”

There are few things so sweet, so clear, so perfect in my head than my childhood Saturday afternoons. Whilst other kids (read healthier, fitter, thinner kids) were off playing sports, riding bikes and having adventures, every Saturday afternoon (or what I remember as every Saturday afternoon) I would be glued to the TV, living vicariously... Continue Reading →

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