Oscar picks….

It’s been a while, but this is kind of a tradition for me… so here are my tips for this years Academy Awards:

Best Picture:
This is a tough one. The big guns are clearly The King’s Speech and Social Network… But my money’s on the King’s Speech – as good as Social Network was, the subject matter isn’t really ‘academy’ fluff… But the problems of a stammering English King?? Oh that’s GOLD!!

Best Director:
So normally, the director and movie awards are tied together, but I’m going out on a limb here… I’m gonna call Fincher on this one. No other director has got the hype (or the golden globes) that he has!

Best Actor:
Easy – Colin Firth. I’d LOVE to say James Franco will win it for 127 Hours – that was an epic one-man show… But this is the Academy we’re talking about… Colin’s got this in the bag!

Best Actress:
Again, easy – Natalie Portman. She’s streets ahead in the awards given so far, and let’s be honest, that movie was pure Oscar bait from the outset!

As for the rest – Inception should win the score, visual effects and so on… Toy Story 3 is gonna walk away with best Animated feature (seriously guys, when are we gonna finally give Pixar the Best Picture they deserve??) and the rest is boring nonsense…

No major upsets this year (I’m still sore from Moon and The Soloist being snubbed last year) but I really expected Nolan to be up for best Director and Best movie (inception, obviously) – but I guess the 200 other awards the movie has been nominated for will suffice…

Now, let’s see if I can be as on the money as I was last year…


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  1. I haven’t watched as many oscar nominated films this year. I really cant see the attraction to The Social Network. Nice film, sure. Oscar winner wtf?

    I haven’t see True Grit – what has that been nominated for?


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